Your website is your customers first impression The way your website looks and functions can make the difference. Good website design truly makes a difference.


Email Marketing can be difficult and confusing. We can help demystify the entire process, whether you send one email a month, or one email per day.


E-Commerce is a complicated, difficult process that can be very daunting. We help make it easy.


Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pintrest. It's a confusing landscape, but Indianapolis can rest assured that their content will be published, tweeted or pinned. And of course, shared!
Where does one even start to be able to describe “web design?” Over the years, web design has gone from simply marking content to make it able to be viewed across the world, to complex systems of databases and scripting.

At 1618design, we prefer to consider web design as a process, made up of distinct tasks -

Need Definition – what exactly does your company need?
Content Discovery – sometimes you just have to dig to get the right stuff.
Solution Presentation – we think through various ideas, and present to you the simplest solution
Product Delivery – execution – we take the needs, thecontent and the solution, and roll them together.

There is rarely a one size fits all solution. We strive to determine what is most elegant for your needs, and not just give you something we give to everyone.

Everyone has a desired result, a business need, and the industry has best practices. There is a solution that fits these.

Usually the hardest part is overcoming preconceived solutions. We find that most people come to us with a solution already in mind, but haven’t necessarily gone through a proper needs assessment. Contact us today, and we can help advise you to determine your exact needs, so you are not buying something you don’t really need.

Our Technology

PHP, WordPress, Facebook, Rackspace, Code Igniter,  Magento, Twitter, Basecamp, Mail Chimp